Group Member: Wenjia Xu

Wenjia Xu


Brief Curriculum Vitae

2010Graduated in Molecular Cell Biology, Northeast Forestry University, China
2014Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology, Universite Paris-Sud/IJPB, INRA Versailles, France
2015Postdoc in Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB), Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France
2016Postdoc in Claudia Köhler´s lab at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala BioCenter, Sweden

Research interests

The endosperm in flowering plants is a placenta-like tissue that transfers nutrients from the mother plant to the embryo. Failure of endosperm cellularization causes embryo arrest and seed lethality, a phenomenon occurring upon hybridization of related plant species or species that differ in ploidy. I aim to decipher the functional role of endosperm cellularization for embryo survival and will explore the regulation of endosperm cellularization, which will provide insights into a developmental process of central importance for plant speciation.

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