Plant Genetics


Mechanisms of Seed Development and Plant Speciation

Our lab has a general interest in genetic and epigenetic mechanisms governing seed development and plant speciation. Our main interest focuses on the endosperm, the tissue supporting embryo growth, similar to the placenta in mammals. The endosperm is a major source for our daily calories; one of many other reasons to study endosperm development. We are strongly interested in understanding the role of the endosperm in supporting embryo growth and establishing hybridization barriers. We also study the biogenesis and function of transposable element-derived small RNAs during reproduction. We are furthermore interested in understanding the role of transposable elements in generating transcriptional networks.

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Our projects

Genomic Imprinting in Plants

MADS-Box Transcription Factors Controlling Endosperm Development

Mechanism and Function of Endosperm Cellularization

Plant Speciation Mechanisms

Small RNAs Controlling Plant Reproduction